"A life during the day"

Nowadays, there are eleven Day Activity Centres located in different towns of Gipuzkoa, to be closer to the living environment of people..


People/person with intelectual disabilities:

  • Of different ages
  • Living in Gipuzkoa
  • Guided by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
  • That have already finished their working stage or that could start working in the future
  • People with different levels of support needs


Our goal is to the personal results or targets developing and implementing an Essential Lifestyle Plan, which is periodically revised with the person involved and its natural circle of support.

Our goal is to help people achieve:

  • Independence
  • Social and community integration
  • Autonomy
  • Health and security
  • Relationships with family and people within their social circle
  • Promote and protect all of their rights

We work so that people with mental disabilities can be first class citizens. Furthermore, so they have the same rights as anyone else and get the support they need. Recognising people’s talents and passions, whether disabled or not, and working to promote real connections and contributions is what will lead us to a real civic responsibility.

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