"We are people that support people"
About us


The commitment of the Goyeneche Foundation in San Sebastian is to prove high quality and socially responsible programmes and services to help people/person with intelectual disabilities leading a rich life full of opportunities in a natural environment.

We have committed ourselves to quality and shared learning activities with family members and professionals, as well as to working together with other community organizations.


  • - We understand that a person with intelectual disabilities is a person like any other in society in the fist place and as such, is unique. Therefore, a part of our supporting job is to meet each person individually, their needs, limitations etc.
  • - We commit ourselves to the respect and defence of all their rights as citizens.
  • - All our work is developed from an affectionate relationship and treats people with dignity.
  • - The aims and goals of each person are the most important thing for us.
  • - We promote their strongest presence and membership in the community.
  • - We build social capital, working and supporting other community organizations and civic networks.
  • - All the professionals working with us have a clear commitment and practice a shared leadership with families and users of the programmes.
  • - We establish an open communication between all the parts involved in the process.
  • - We commit ourselves to continuous improvement of the service to respond to the changing requirements of the people and achieve what is expected from us as an organization.

Paseo Berio, 42 | 20018 - DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN | Tel.: 943 000 800 | Fax: 943 310 363 | E-mail:info@fundaciongoyenechesansebastian.org

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